We know you have questions,
and we're here to answer them!



Question 1:  Did SeeLevel HX, Mystery Researchers, Beyond Hello or Insula Research send me a check they'd like me to deposit, and wire or send money to a specific individual or business as part of a mystery shop? 

Answer 1:  No. This is a SCAM and always will be. If you receive anything via mail, email, text message or other that states you should deposit a check, withdraw funds and wire or send money anywhere, contact SeeLevel immediately using: [email protected]


Question 2:  I did a shop during the FIRST week of the month. When will I get paid?  

Answer 2:  If your shop turned out great and was accepted, you'll be paid on the 15th of the next month. IE: If you completed a shop on January 10th, you'll receive payment on February 15th.   

Question 3:  I did a shop during the MIDDLE of the month. When will I get paid?  

Answer 3:  If your shop turned out great and was accepted, you'll be paid on the 15th of the next month. IE: If you completed a shop on January 17th, you'll receive payment on February 15th. 

Question 4:  I did a shop during the END of the month. When will I get paid?  

Answer 4:  If your shop turned out great and was accepted, you'll be paid on the 15th of the next month. IE: If you completed a shop on January 27th, you'll receive payment on February 15th. 

Question 5:  When I do a shop, how will you pay me?   

Answer 5:  In order to pay you as quickly and easily as possible, SeeLevel utilizes PayPal for all shopper payments. If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can sign up for one HERE.  Additionally, the account must be yours, as we will verify name and contact information prior to finalizing all payments. 


Question 6:  I just became a mystery shopper for SeeLevel and my rating is only a 5, but the shop I want requires a higher score. What should I do?    

Answer 6:  The only way to increase your rating is to conduct shops for SeeLevel that come in on-time or ahead of schedule, were highly accurately conducted and not challenged in any way by our clients. It's common for our shoppers to have great ratings with other mystery shop companies, but since we run our own programs, and utilizing our own ratings, those ratings then need to apply specifically to our business, which is why ratings with other companies are not transferable.  

Question 7:  I've completed many shops, but my rating hasn't changed. What should I do?    

Answer 7:  Please email: [email protected] and we will look into your individual case. 

SeeLevel Shops

Question 8:  Do you have shops available in my area?    

Answer 8:  You must first register with SeeLevel and then you'll be able to see exactly where our shops are. We conduct hundreds of thousands of visits each year, so there's no doubt we're likely to have some available to you. If you register and don't see any available, please reach out to us and we can manually check for you.  

Question 9:  What kind of shops do you have?    

Answer 9:  SeeLevel services so many different industries that this question is tough to answer. All shops are obviously regionally based, but you could be looking at Restaurant, QSR, Banking, Automotive, Retail, and a flurry of others, depending on where you live.

Sign-up details

Question 10:  Why do you need my social security number?    

Answer 10:  In short? To ensure you're a real person. SeeLevel takes its responsibility as a nationwide leader in customer experience very seriously and thus requires that all shoppers are properly vetted and reviewed prior to starting with our organization. 

Question 11:  What does it mean that shoppers are "independent contractors"?    

Answer 11:  Independent contractors are defined as "independent" because they are NOT an employee of the mystery shopping organization for which they are conducting work. They do so on the basis that they may accept or decline any potential work that is available to them and the only time they are graded is when they choose to conduct an assignment.  

Shop Details

Question 12:  Why do you need personal details about me?    

Answer 12:  There are times when SeeLevel clients are very specific about the demographic in which they would like a mystery shop completed, thus we ask certain demographic questions to ensure that when the time comes all appropriate shoppers are selected. If your personal profile is incomplete or inaccurate you could be missing out on available shops. Which also means, when your details change they should be updated if you'd like to continue receiving shop notifications.

Question 13:  I applied for a shop, but wasn't selected. Why?    

Answer 13:  Don't take it personally. SeeLevel has so many shoppers and only so many shops to fill, meaning that there may be up to 20 shoppers applying for a single shop. For those shops that are assigned manually, there is simply an application process and the best suited applicant at that time is chosen. It doesn't mean you won't be chosen next time. If you'd like to be considered for a shop that you were not previously given, please utilize the questions email provided in Answer #7.  

Question 14:  When I conduct a shop, can I take someone with me?    

Answer 14:  Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Some shops actually require that you bring someone with you, let's say to go out and have dinner, but others require that you are alone. It is very important to pay close attention to the shop details, so you're certain you conduct each shop accurately as it has been described in your shopper notes.  

Question 15:  What if I accept a shop, but later cannot complete?   

Answer 15:  Please contact your scheduler immediately. Usually, you will have one specific individual who will be in charge of your shop. Please notify them via phone or email and follow their instructions. Please also note that should you not be able to contact your scheduler by phone, please do not try just once and then stop. SeeLevel has hundreds of thousands of shops and only so many hours in the day for schedulers to do their jobs, so they may be on another phone call, currently wrapped up in a project or on a lunch break. Call at a few different times if you don't get them and if still nothing please send them an email. If all else fails, please just use the website communication portal and we'll get back to you. 

Question 16:  How long should I keep my shop info once my shop is complete?   

Answer 16:  Please keep all evaluation forms, notes, receipts and any additional images you may have taken for the shop for at least 3 months, in-case SeeLevel needs to reference them. 

Question 17:  Do you offer feedback on my shop?   

Answer 17:  You will be provided a rating for every shop you complete with SeeLevel. The rating encompasses whether the project was completed on-time, submitted accurately and didn't contain any challenges. Should you have questions after receiving a rating on a shop you've recently completed, please reach out to your scheduler to get further details. 

Question 18:  Do I always need to read the shop guidelines?   

Answer 18:  Yes. Even if you've completed the same shop in the past, often our shops change from month-to-month. Please ensure you read the entire guideline list and ensure you adhere to it. 

Question 19:  Do I need to confirm the shop once I have it?   

Answer 19:  Yes. Please confirm the shop, so that it is not pulled out of your log prior to completion. Should you not confirm it, we do not know your intent on completion, therefore we need your assistance in this step by confirming, so we know we can count on your completion.

Question 20:  Do I need to read the full survey prior to traveling to conduct the shop?   

Answer 20:  Yes. Please ensure you've read the entire survey from front-to-back, multiple times prior to traveling to conduct the shop. It's also a good idea to have the questionnaire with you and be reviewing up to the point you enter the business to conduct the shop. 


Peet's Coffee - June 1 will mark the first month in which SeeLevel will be shopping the corporate locations of Peet's Coffee. Please keep an eye out for these shops as we'll need your expertise to get them completed accurately and on-time.

St. John Knits - July 1 will mark the first month in which SeeLevel will be shopping this high-end women's fashion boutique. Please keep an eye out for these shops and if you have experience with SeeLevel's high-end fashion shops we'd love to have your expertise in the field. 

Six Flags - June/July will mark the first month in which SeeLevel will be shopping this exciting theme park!  Please keep an eye out for these shops because they will go fast! 

Sixt - August will mark the first month in which SeeLevel will be shopping this high-end rental car agency. Keep an eye out for some great shops for a great brand!