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We have one of those assignments that seems like a thing of yesteryear in our industry. This is a big assignment that requires a 5 day a week (Monday – Friday) commitment for the next few months. What you get in return is outstanding! Since you do not want to miss this opportunity, please read the rest of this email carefully.


There will be instructions throughout this email on how to apply. You will receive a priority in consideration if you can follow the instructions in your reply to us.


What this project entails: You will be auditing a few thousand stores in your area utilizing a cell phone we provide for you. The audits only take a couple of minutes in each store and do not require any interactions with employees. We will be covering an area from Fremont to northern Washington State and then a few areas that the team will fly to. So, this is a very exciting program with a lot of opportunity! If you live in one of the larger metro areas then no worries there is plenty of work and you do not have to fly/travel as far away. So we need homebodies and travelers alike!


Hours per week: During retail stores hours 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Yes, you can still mystery shop and do this job too!


Your qualifications:

  • Reliable transportation and you must have a valid driver’s license and a clean enough record to rent a car if needed (our client pays for the car and even some plane tickets!)
  • Adept at utilizing cell phones particularly Android cell phones
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office and you can complete formulas in Excel
  • You must get an EIN number ( which is free from the IRS!
  • Get a background check. We will reimburse you once you have completed 4 full weeks of audits!
  • Master of directions, you will be travelling a lot! This program is not for the directionally challenged among us!



The important part – the $$: You will be paid $80 for a volume of work that will take approximately 8 hours to complete:


  • PLUS the client reimburses YOU mileage at the current government mileage rate (currently 54.5 cents a mile).
  • PLUS if you travel outside of your area the client pays for the following: flights (depending on distance), rental cars, and per diem.
  • PLUS you are still able to mystery shop and audit for your regular programs!
  • In other words, this program provides you with a route of mystery shops/income and you can build even more on top of it or just take it easy and take the money! Either way it’s a winner!


When does the program start: March 19, 2018 10am-Noon for intro meeting with Blake and Donna in Fremont, CA


After the programs starts, what do we do: We will have four days to work together in the Fremont, CA area, then you will be given an area to work on your own in the coming months.


How to apply: email with the words Best Auditor in the subject line and include the following information.


  1. Your full name
  2. Phone number and times/days this week you are available for a Skype video call
  3. Your home city, state and zip code
  4. That you can be at the program launch on March 19th in Fremont from 10am-Noon
  5. That you can be available for the work together days in Fremont from 9am-6pm Tuesday March 20th – Friday March 23rd.
  6. That you are willing to get the background check and get an LLC (these do not have to be done by March 19th, but just started).
  7. Examples of your dependability and your auditing experience. Please be specific.
  8. Explain why you will be the best auditor to work with on this project.
  9. Send in your info today! We will be picking our team this week!
  10. Don’t forget complete applications get prioritized!




Donna Goodwin

SeeLevel HX

Vice President Operations

1718 Peachtree St NW | Suite 550 | Atlanta, GA 30309